OOPS! Tales From A Sexpert was almost completely written before the 2016 election, and the Supreme Court of the United States has drastically changed since publication. Although most of the stories are not directly related to politics, it’s important to remember how much our elected officials and public policy impact some of the most private aspects of our lives and of our health care.

Having access to accurate information about sexuality and relevant health care services—even services as non-controversial as health screenings or effective contraception—are rights that generations have had to fight for. And we must not take ANY of those rights for granted!

Under the Trump-Pence administration, the makeup of the Supreme Court changed. This may lead to huge setbacks regarding reproductive rights and federal and state programs that support those rights.  Vivian Peters believes that the base of support that elected that administration was not focused on the BENEFITS of those rights or the complexity of the ways that our elected officials and our rights as private citizens intersect. She wants everyone to be aware of the positive impact that the programs she worked for—supported by both public and private funds—had on many individuals and families. And with the ongoing threats to funding for reproductive health in general and contraception and Planned Parenthood specifically, she wants people to see how truly transforming many of these services are in a most fundamental way for the people they serve.

Many people hear phrases like “the government is too big”, “the government wastes money”, or “sex education belongs at home” and these messages resonate with them.  It sounds so clean and simple. However, it’s not simple. It’s complex. This book clearly demonstrates the way real people benefit from government programs, and the positive impact that has on our entire society.  It also shows how much family planning impacts so many other aspects of peoples’ lives.

Vivian Peters hopes her book will give readers a deeper understanding of the ongoing urgency of these issues on a very personal level.  And she hopes that it will motivate more citizens to use their voices with their elected officials and in the voting booth.