From sexuality education in public schools to public policy regarding reproductive health care in the U.S. to government involvement in other parts of the world, our elected representatives influence many issues addressed in this book.  As Americans, we have the right to vote; if you want to use your voice, educate yourself about candidates’ positions on these issues—and vote!

Americans also have the opportunity to communicate with our elected representatives.  Maintaining ongoing communication with our representatives—from our local school board members to our state and federal representatives—helps ensure that they are aware of what their constituents want.

If you would like to use your voice to influence policy makers regarding these issues, there are organizations that can help you by keeping you informed and by alerting you when important legislation is being considered.   You can sign up online to receive updates and/or ‘action alerts’ from these organizations and most—if not all—are free.  Donations are always appreciated.  Some will send you regular updates, others will alert you about specific upcoming legislation and you can decide whether or not you wish to take action on each alert.