NY Primary Elections

Reminder to readers who live in New York State: our primary elections are this Thursday, Sept 13. Please vote!  Remember, the state senate and assembly have different district numbers; to find out which you’re in for each, click here and enter your address once for each branch.

The National Institute of Reproductive Health Action Fund has created a handy list of candidates, showing which are pro-choice and who they endorse here.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended my two recent readings and discussions this week, at the Green Toad Bookstore in Oneonta NY and the First Presbyterian Church in Cooperstown.  Both events were well attended by thoughtful individuals with a wealth of different life accomplishments, and each generated important conversations.  From the importance of male involvement to the barriers reaching across generations and social barriers to the local and national challenges we face to the world we envision in the future, thoughtful conversations followed each reading. Plus, each event left one or more participants following up with me about potential future book events.  From a book group to a living room conversation with parents of teens to a possible small group role-play of how to improve our listening skills, participants are thinking ahead and reaching out.

When I read the news, there is so much happening on a national level that is distressing; when I see the thoughtful concern expressed by participants at these events and the commitment to self-improvement, social justice, and using our collective voices in positive ways, it truly inspires me.

Heartfelt thanks to each of you.