“Revolutions begin, not in plans, but in poetry and in music….Music, the ancient Greeks believed, goes deeper into the soul than utterances that lack melody: it molds the spirit more completely.”

~Forge Of Empires 1861-1871Michael Knox Beran, p. 19


Although I am neither a poet, a musician or a composer of music, this quote was affirming to me; I believe the point it makes can be extended beyond poetry and music to many art forms.  Including storytelling.  The quotation resonated with me because it articulated the reasons I was inspired to write OOPS! Tales From A Sexpert. 

Stories connect us.  Through stories, we build understanding and empathy.  My hope in writing the book was to reach a large audience of readers who haven’t been in the homes I visited and haven’t lived in those homes, to share what I’ve seen and learned, with the hope that it would lead to social change.

When it comes to reproductive health, as a society we could be doing so much more than we are doing to provide the information and resources to the people who struggle most.  And if we could succeed in doing that, it would affect so many social problems that we struggle with.  It would truly be revolutionary.  So I hope you’ll read the stories I’ve written, I hope they’ll reach your soul and spirit the way a poem or music would, and I hope you’ll share them with others.

And I hope you’ll remember to take a break from reading to VOTE in the upcoming primary elections.  I live in New York’s 19th congressional district and our election is this coming Tuesday.  Please be sure you know when yours is and vote for candidates who are committed to ensuring access to high quality reproductive health services for all people, regardless of income, geography, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and age.