Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the Authors Fair at Hamilton College.  I’m a Kirkland College graduate, from before the two colleges merged, and it was wonderful to return to the hill.  My visit there had to be very brief, yet that one event reminded me how fortunate I was to be able to attend such a fabulous liberal arts college.  Meeting the other authors who have recently published books and seeing the wide variety of topics alumni have written about confirmed that a solid liberal arts background is an excellent foundation; we’ve each taken our lives in such different directions, contributing in such different, unique ways to our society.  And it was a thrill to see my book on the shelves of the college bookstore.

The event also confirmed for me the importance of helping build a society in which everyone has access to family planning and medically accurate sexuality education.  That foundation we build during our late teens and early twenties is so helpful; whether we go to college or not, it serves us for a lifetime.  And I thought about the teens I worked with, the difference between the ones who made it through high school without becoming parents and the ones who did not.  When we help one teen postpone that first pregnancy, we’ve opened countless doors.  So again, I thank all of you who are helping me spread the word about OOPS! Tales From A Sexpert.