Note to Readers: In an effort to keep the book accessible, Vivian Peters limited herself to 300 pages. Having written more than that, she cut out numerous stories. She’s pleased to share some of them with you, below.


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When Emergency Contraception (EC) Was Introduced

 When Emergency Contraception (EC) Was Introduced When the FDA approved the use of Emergency Contraception (EC), and Planned Parenthood began to make it available, my supervisor and I met to define my changing role.  It was only available by prescription then, so I had no direct role in distributing it, but my role in providing education—timely education—could potentially be significant in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Many people had never heard of it yet, or if they had, many had misinformation, so I needed to be thorough in my approach. When it first became available, EC could be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.  (It later changed to 120 hours, or 5 days).  I was to explain how it worked, preventing ...
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Change doesn’t happen overnight

“Could we have lunch with you fifth period?” I was in an office in the high school with Peggy, my new colleague, training her.  I didn’t know the girl who spoke, or either of her two friends in my doorway. “Sure!” I replied.  I was glad that Peggy would get to “shadow” a visit with a new group.  When they showed up for lunch, they had two more friends with them. “Could they stay, too?” the leader asked. “Sure,” I replied.  They were delightful girls, eager to talk, jabbering away as they munched on their pepperoni rolls, unfazed by the fact that my tiny office could barely fit us all.  They quickly identified that they knew to come to us ...
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A Measurable Impact

“Oh yeah, it’s Friday: Vivian day.  I’m so glad you’re here!” I was relieved to get such an enthusiastic greeting from Valerie King when we arrived at the same time in the high school parking lot.  She was a special education teacher who had been with the district for twenty years. Secretly, I had wanted to hide when I saw her: she and I had both recently learned that one of the girls in her class was pregnant.  She had referred the girl to me three years prior, and she knew I had been meeting with her frequently. “I’m glad to hear you say that, and I’ll admit it, a bit surprised.”  Playfully, I added, “I thought you’d wanna send ...
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