A barnacle’s penis reaches up to 10 times the length of their body.

Male domestic cats have barbed penises.


Elephants have the longest gestation period; roughly 95 weeks.

The Blue Whale has the largest penis in the animal kingdom: sometimes over 9’ long and 14” wide.

Sea slugs have both male and female reproductive systems; they fight to decide who will carry eggs and who will fertilize.  Sperm can be injected anywhere on the animal to fertilize eggs.

Male Adelie Penguins give females gifts of little rare rocks.  She uses them to line her nest, and if she likes the rock, she will allow him to mate with her.

 The first record of birth control dates back to an Egyptian manuscript written in 1550  B.C.

In ancient Egypt, crocodile dung was inserted into the vagina as birth control.

Vivian Peters’s mother could square any number up to 750 in her head.

It would cost less money each year to meet all the unmet needs for contraception in the developing world than Americans spend on sugary soft drinks!

Vivian Peters enjoys reciting poetry from memory while standing on one foot.