If you are wondering if OOPS! Tales From A Sexpert is for you, ask yourself these questions.  If you answer “YES” to even one of them, this book is for you!  You will find it a pleasure to read. Plus, when you are done, you will probably think about some important issues in your own life—personal and professional—with a new and refreshing clarity.

  • Is there any chance you will ever be in a position to talk with a young person about relationships, sex, or family planning?
  • Do you read for pleasure?
  • Do you ever talk with people who live in poverty?  Or people who have trouble ‘fitting in’ to contemporary American society, when it comes to understanding our institutions like hospitals or schools (such as recent immigrants or people who grew up in households where the ‘common sense’ messages weren’t mainstream)?
  • Do you work or volunteer in health, education, human services or public policy?  Are you on a school board?
  • Are you in a book group?
  • Are you interested in the subjects of sexuality, sex education, adolescent development, women’s studies or public policy regarding reproductive health?
  • Have you ever wondered why some people become teen parents and others wait?  Or why some people have large families even when it appears that they don’t have what it takes to raise them?
  • Does it puzzle you that the abortion rates are so high, when there are so many effective methods of birth control out there?
  • Have you ever either supported or protested a Planned Parenthood clinic?
  • Do you vote?

Also, if you are a college professor, this is a fabulous book for your students: they will love it, learn from it, and naturally want to discuss and analyze it; this book will give them a better understanding of our culture and sharpen their critical thinking skills.  Plus, it will make them love your class!

If you are a doctor or health professional who works with patients regarding family planning, this book will give you insights into your patients’ lives.  If your patients ever frustrate you because they seem irresponsible or noncompliant, this book will point to ways you can lessen that frustration in the future; there are simple questions you can ask that will make a huge difference in your effectiveness, ultimately making your life and theirs easier.

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or mentor to a young person, it will help you understand and communicate more effectively with them.  And if subjects related to sex and birth control seem either intimidating or unnecessary to talk about, the book will help you understand how helpful adults can be to young people, how important that help is, and it will help you find comfortable ways to discuss important, delicate issues.