Did YOU enjoy reading OOPS! Tales From A Sexpert?

Do YOU agree that it contains important messages?

Do YOU believe that our society would benefit from having more people read it?

If you answered “YES!” here are 3 simple things YOU can do to help spread the word:

1.     Tell three people about it.  Remember, there’s nothing like a tap on the shoulder from a friend to motivate people.

2.     Post something about it on the Internet.  Mention it to all your contacts—your personal friends, family, colleagues—on all your social media sites.*

3.     Review it on Amazon!  PLEASE!  Even a short, quick review will help a lot!*

And if you still want to do more, here are other ideas:

  • Ask your local bookstore and library if they stock it, and suggest it if they don’t.
  • If you’re in a book group, suggest reading it together—there are recommended discussion questions for each chapter.
  • Write about it on any additional reading sites you use: (Goodreads, etc.)
  • Buy extra copies to give as gifts and/or donate to others who might be interested (leave them where people might read them!  Put a sticky note on the cover, encouraging people to take it…in your local coffee shop, club, etc.)


In addition to helping spread the word about the book, if the book inspired you to learn more about any of the issues it raised, check out the Recommended Resources page on this website.  And if it motivated you to become more involved in the issues it raised, check out the Take Action page.


*Please note: if you know Vivian Peters’ given name, for the privacy of her former clients, please do not include it on social media.