Sexuality is an important part of life.  It’s normal to have powerful sexual feelings and to wonder about them.  Whether you act on your feelings or not, there’s a lot to know, and there’s always more to learn.

You’ll have a lot of important decisions to make about sex during your teen years.  You’ll get to decide whether to have sex, when to have it, who to have it with, how to protect yourself from pregnancy before you’re ready to become a parent, and how to protect your health.  These are some of the most important decisions you’ll face as a teen.  Whatever you decide to do, Vivian Peters believes you should have accurate information and the support of the adults who love and care about you.

Remember, you won’t be a teen forever, but the choices you make as a teen really matter.  Your choices can shape everything in your future: your career, your freedom, your relationships, your family, your money, and more.  This is important stuff: your future depends on YOU and the choices you make.  Pave the way to the best future possible for yourself—you deserve it!

Talking with your friends can be comforting and affirming, but remember: when it comes to sexuality, accurate information is important, and your friends might not have all the answers.

Talking with adults in your life can often be helpful.  If it’s hard for you to talk with your parents or with another trusted adult, you might find some helpful tips on these websites.  And there’s tons of other good stuff on these sites, too.  Plus, lots of them have ways you can ask questions or chat with experts.  Check them out!


  • “Bedsider” is a free birth control support network.  It’s mostly about birth control, but it has other stuff about sex, too.  And it even has free reminders to help you with your birth control.
  •  “Go Ask Alice!”  This site is from Columbia University, based in New York City, so it has lots of accurate information, too.  About sex, but about a lot of other stuff, too.
  • “I Wanna Know”  The whole site has lots of helpful information about sex, sexual health, relationships, communication, LGBTQ, pregnancy and lots more.  It has a great page about talking with your parents.