“Tell Me a Story”

It’s a timeless request.  Vivian Peters believes in the power of storytelling.  She envisions a world in which every baby conceived is wanted and loved at least as much as she was. That’s why she wrote OOPS! Tales From A Sexpert: to share her stories and insights from fifteen years serving as an Outreach Educator for her local Planned Parenthood in a rural area of New York State.

Two unique programs enabled her to build ongoing relationships with people in their homes and schools, providing sexual health education—and so much more—to individual teens and adults in rural poverty, where teen pregnancy and large families are the norm.  She got to listen to them speak in their own voices, and she listened for what we don’t say about sex.

She heard them and she wants you to hear them, too.  Some of their challenges are unique, but the fundamental issues their stories raise may resonate with you: from how you answer the questions of a child to the way you think about public policy and education.

She hopes you’ll read these short, engaging stories, enjoy them, think about them, bring your own wisdom to them, and talk about the issues they raise.  If more pregnancies were intended—and fewer were by accident—that would make a huge difference to our country and our world.

And how we talk (and don’t talk!) about sex is the key to making that change.

Here’s a peek inside:

Below are samples of questions that teens asked Vivian Peters.  To read about how she addressed each one, read OOPS! Tales From A Sexpert.