Have you ever wondered why so many teenagers have a baby while they're still in school? Do you ever see large families and wonder why the parents didn't finish school and get a job before having kids? Does it look like they're making their own lives harder, not easier?

From the privacy of lovers between the sheets to stammering parents to your local school board and the halls of Congress, many Americans find themselves tongue-tied when it comes to having serious conversations about sex.

Take a journey with Vivian Peters. As an Outreach Educator for her local Planned Parenthood, she spent fifteen years providing sexual health education - and so much more - to people in rural poverty, where generational teen parenting and large families are the norm.

Oops! is a collection of stories, vignettes, captivating dialogue and insightful commentary, often based on her private conversations with people in their homes. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, always compelling and easily accessible, these stories provide a rare, intimate, entertaining and eye-opening 'behind the scenes' look into what informs people's life choices, and a look at how sex and sexual health can be discussed comfortably and effectively.

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“Tell Me a Story”

It’s a timeless request. Vivian Peters believes in the power of storytelling. She envisions a world in which every baby conceived is wanted and loved at least as much as she was. That’s why she wrote OOPS! Tales from a Sexpert: to share her stories and insights from fifteen years serving as an Outreach Educator for her local Planned Parenthood in a rural area of New York State.

Two unique programs enabled her to build ongoing relationships with people in their homes and schools, providing sexual health education—and so much more—to individual teens and adults in rural poverty, where teen pregnancy and large families are the norm. She got to listen to them speak in their own voices, and she listened for what we don’t say about sex. Read More
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As we look back on 2019 and look ahead to the New Year, when we focus on reproductive health and ...
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October is “Let’s Talk” Month, a month set aside to encourage effective communication with teens about sexuality, love, and relationships ...
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Is It For Me?

If you’re wondering if OOPS! Tales from a Sexpert is for you, ask yourself these questions. If you answer “YES” to even one of them, this book is for you! You’ll find it a pleasure to read. Plus, when you’re done, you’ll probably think about some important issues in your own life—personal and professional—with a new and refreshing clarity.

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Why now?

Since the 2016 presidential election, there have been many changes regarding the government’s role in issues and programs regarding reproductive health services and reproductive rights. On a federal level, there is a big push to cut the government support of many social programs and reproductive health care services.

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